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    The Coca Cola Truck is stopping at Asda tomorrow 17th November 2011 from 12pm - 8pm

    By vw_sarah at 20:01 on 16/11/11

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    I must admit when I was told it was going to be at Asda I was rather excited, Like yourself Christmas has not really started until you see the new Coke advert on TV. I was rather suprised on how many men had turned up to see it, no? thinking about it, were all kids really. As you can see by the photo's it was a really good event and was enjoyed by everyone who attended . . . Oh they gave away free coke too! :-)

    By john_matrix at 09:06 on 18/12/10

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    I am so jealous! I'd have loved to see that. That might sound tragic but my best friend and I have always had this thing that Christmas isn't official until you see the coke advert on the TV! Sadly I don't watch a great deal of TV so she is usually first to spot it.

    By ZaraMac at 02:24 on 18/12/10

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